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 “We know that Jesus wanted to show solidarity with every person. He wanted everyone to experience his companionship, his help and his love. He identified with all those who suffer, who weep, who suffer any kind of injustice. He tells us this clearly, ‘I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.’" Pope Francis



Holy Family Home Inquiries

To inquire about or request residency, please call Coordinated Entry at 401-277-4316.  All persons requesting residency at Holy Family Home must be registered with and referred by Coordinated Entry (C.E.).


To Contact shelter staff, please call (401) 304-7744



The Lumen Gentium Award

Presented to the Holy Family Home & Saiint Edward's food & Wellness Center

Holy Family Home for Mothers and Children recently was awarded a $5000 grant from funds raised through the 2018 Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic.  It was presented to Father Ed and Ernie Spaziano, Director of Holy Family Home. Other nonprofits also benefited from the singer’s generosity at the event which took place at the Met School, Providence. Special thanks to Greg Mercurio who facilitated this gift through his association with Mr. Osborne. 


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Dear Parishioners,


As we enter into our third year of providing shelter and services at Holy Family Home, I would like to update you on our operations and activities.


Currently, there are eleven woman and eighteen children residing at HFH. We are almost at capacity, and we would easily reach that level except for one room that we have reserved for use in the event of a critical emergency situation, or if a parishioner who meets criteria needed residency.


Our policy, since opening, is to only interview potential new residents who have been registered with United Way 211, the statewide hotline. In fact, we have been told that on average, 7-8 out of every 10 callers to the 211 hotline specifically request Holy Family Home. We attribute this to our volunteer staff, who bring a level of compassion and help that is extraordinary.


In addition to requests from 211, each day we normally receive about 3-5 calls directly from persons seeking shelter or from other social service organizations, including various State agencies requesting our help. Recently, we have seen a significant increase in the amount of calls we are receiving, on some days receiving 5-6 calls during a three-hour shift. 


We are providing shelter in what could best be described as a home type setting. We are also providing various programs, all designed to address various root causes of homelessness and those issues that typically result in failure once a resident receives housing.  We also provide many other services, but due to the space limits of this summary, they are too numerous to list.   I would, however, like to mention one such service that we have been able to provide that comes directly from our parishioners. We have received gift cards in various denominations to Stop & Shop and Shaw’s Market on Smithfield Road.  These cards are given to our residents so that they can purchase items that are unavailable to them elsewhere. For those of you who have donated them, we thank you and ask that you continue your support.


We have also entered into agreements and working relationships with other organizations that help those in need. We have developed a very close relationship with St. Edward Food and Wellness Center, and they have been unrelenting in their help and support. Our residents have utilized all of their services, including donations of food, clothing and wellness checks, and their generosity knows no boundary.  We have also worked with other groups that circulate throughout the area delivering help directly to those who are living in vehicles and literally on the street, providing them with any excess donations that we have received.


In closing, we are in the process of possibly expanding our operations and reach in order to continue to help those in overwhelming need. For instance, we provided approximately 7,037 bed nights last year (defined as one person in one bed for one night). We have easily surpassed that number for this calendar year as the need to help people in very desperate situations seems to be growing each day.


On behalf of Fr. Cardente, our tremendous staff and myself, we would like to thank all of you who have helped us help others, specifically the most vulnerable segment of society, mothers and children. To view our most current newsletter, please check the St. Anthony Church website, or copy the following into your internet browser, and you will find the “Newsletter” link on the left side of the page.          http://saintanthonychurch.org/92


Ernest Spaziano




Our Mission


The mission of the Holy Family Home for Woman and Children is to provide a safe, caring and nurturing home for woman with children who find themselves in peril and do not have the ability or resources to improve their situation. We will therefore strive to provide accommodations and assistance to those of all faiths and denominations who need help and support during a time of crisis.

Guided by the Holy Spirit and following the teachings and mission of the Catholic Church, we are here to serve others with fellowship, love, compassion, charity and understanding. We will endeavor to make each person we encounter feel respected and valued, and to restore hope and dignity to their lives. We will gladly provide guidance and direction to anyone who seeks it.

Holy Family Home


Mothers and Children

979 Branch Avenue - Providence, R.I. 02904

Holy Family Home is a non-profit organization that does not take any funding from government agencies. We operate strictly on donations from benefactors and those who wish to give back in order to help others in the community.

We believe that by incorporating a spiritual approach and exhibiting a high level of respect and dignity, these woman and their children may overcome the many hardships they have faced and realize hope and the possibility of a better future.


If you would like to help these woman and children, and make an investment in their future, please consider making a donation.  Please make checks payable to:

Holy Family Home

C/O St. Anthony Church

5 Gibbs Street

North Providence, R.I. 02904





Inquiries please call

(401) 304-7744



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Matthew 25


I was hungry, and you gave me food. 


I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink. 


I was naked, and you clothed Me.


I was sick, and you visited Me.


I was in prison, and you came to Me.

And the King answering shall say to them,


 I say to you,


Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brethren,


you have done unto me.